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 The Hub Erina Youth Entertainment Venue

At The HUB Erina you will find a wide variety of shows, events and programmes running all year round.

A youth centre by day and an entertainment venue by night.

The HUB Erina Events - the best Friday night pre-party entertainment on the Coast.

Situated on North South rd. Erina Fair (between the Erina Library and Central Coast Dance School), The HUB Erina Youth Entertainment Venue is considered one of the best youth entertainment venues in Australia.

This intimate performance space seats up to 144 audience members (tiered seating) with additional seating arrangements available.

The HUB Erina Venue is Available for Hire.


Navigate around this site to find out about the latest events and activities at The HUB Erina.








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a competition platform for unsigned singers 


WHO will become this year's DISCOVERY?





(see our events page for more details)


Love it, Live & Local at THE HUB



In a Band?
Wanna Win Some
Great Prizes and Opportunities?
Battle of the Bands Event Series
Heat 1 Kicks off JULY 15 


 GCYC - Become an agent of social change

AUditions OPen NOW for Gina's Singing and stagecraft workshops






DJ Beats -  Immerse yourself in the complete art of DJing, from fundamentals of beat matching and mixing to using effects and programming sets.


This programme is designed to accommodate your skill level and various styles of music, but for those just starting out we have the Essentials I and II being offered in Term 1 and Term 2 of 2016.


If you are looking to take your talent to the next level by introducing the “WoW factor” to your sets then Term 3 and Term 4 might appeal with  Music Production and Preparing for a Live Set.






Rising Stars a FREE Mixed Martial Arts programme for young people (12-18yrs)


Increase your Fitness

Learn the Art of Self Defence

Build Self Discipline 

 Develop your Self Confidence

Develop your Sense of Community


Thursdays  4pm -  5pm 


Check back regularly for upcoming events.


Services for Young People

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Getting There
The Hub

The HUB Erina
Youth Entertainment Venue

North South Road Erina Fair
Erina 2250

(located south/west side of the bus interchange)

Monday - Saturday
Phone: (02) 4304 7104




The HUB Erina, host to live music events since 2005, helping launch the careers of Shortstack, Karise Eden and Fletch Pilon.

The HUB Erina is renowned as a venue for rock, alternative and indie music with its BATTLE of the BANDS and DISCOVERED events.

The HUB Erina's policy of nurturing new music continues to this day, making it a great place to spot the stars of tomorrow. 


Click here to check out a weekly timetable of programs & activities at The Hub

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food for the soul - local artists wow!

Last night was funky! Congrats to @themovingstills

for getting through to the grand final!



— Natasha Balsdon (@tashabalsdon) October 18, 2014


The Hub Erina is grateful to a number of organisations for their generous support of the Centre's activities.

The Hub would like to thank for the ongoing support and sponsorship it receives from Macron Music, Magnus Martial Arts, Northern Setttlement Services & MMAD.

2016 Professional Development Partners





The Music Cellar Studios, Gina Jeffreys, MMAD, Project U, Digital Wagon, Reservoir Records, Shane Edwards Entertainment, Macron Music Erina, The Grove Studios, The Australain Songwriters Conference (ASC) and Central Coast Council.